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How to properly take care of my tattoo?

How to properly take care of my tattoo?

The most important rules of tattoo care:

Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your new tattoo.

Never use swabs, or similar products on a freshly made tattoo.

Remember to frequently but gently washing your tattoo and ensure that it is properly moisturized.

Do not scrub and do not soak the tattoo! 

After about a week you’ll probably start to feel itchy - but remember, the skin in this area is undergoing regeneration - it must not be scratched! For the next 2 weeks - stop exercising and do not sunbathe in the solarium for the next month. Also try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Some useful accessories:

Easy Tattoo cream - available at the studio (possibly ointment containing dexpanthenol),

Food foil - preferably breathable,

Soap with neutral Ph - best antiseptic (children's soaps or intimate hygiene wash),

Paper towel from which the dressing is made - prevents the leakage of plasma outside the dressing,

Dressing patch - will not allow the dressing to move,