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We know from our tattooists' experience that when the scar is not fresh and has time to settle, there should be no contraindication. In our opinion, a professionally made tattoo is a great way to cover an unwanted scar. However, in case of health concerns, we always suggest to consult a physician, preferably a dermatologist who will assess whether there are contraindications for tattooing. It is important to remember that in this particular case there is no rule. Most importantly, the scar should be completely cured. The healing process usually lasts for one year, although it can take years for some people. However, there are proven ways to help you heal scars. You can use vitamin oils or silicone preparations or take advantage of treatments offered by aesthetic medicine. However, the time works for our benefit, because older scars take tattoo ink better than young ones.

In addition, tattoos on the scars are much more complicated than tattooing on a healthy piece skin. This process can be compared to painting on the wet sheet of paper. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how the ink will spread. Contours may be less sharp, and shading and color may require a repeat session. Hence the ultimate effect depends largely on the ability of the tattoo artist. It is worth to come to our studio and consult with the artist. Together you will certainly choose a pattern that not only effectively but also beautifully covers the scars.